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Fire in the White Stone

by Wolcensmen

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davesmif58 Music for your spirit... uplifting yet haunting. Dark folk at it's best. A masterpiece. Favorite track: Lorn and Loath.
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WEAVER I didn't think it'd be possible to top the first album, but here we are. This is a spiritual journey through literature composed by music. I didn't even realise that Wolcensmen had released another album, but when I did I immediately bought the LP. I am a little sad that the symbol found on the original cover is not on this one, but I still like the cover art a lot.

Beautiful album. No regrets. Favorite track: Foreboden.
Phil thumbnail
Phil As soon as this album begins, the first two songs let you know your in for something epic. Hairs stand up as you are drawn into a new, but romantic and familiar landscape.

With every listen my favourite track changes, such is the depth and ingenious subtlety of the songs as they immerse you in the world.

It is clear Dan is well versed in the esoteric knowledge of our ancient faiths, and many of the songs clearly come out of these understandings.

In short you wont be disappointed!
Favorite track: Sprig to Spear.
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Following the success of the debut album 'Songs from the Fyrgen' (reissued in 2018 by Indie Recordings), Wolcensmen is back with the highly anticipated sophomore full-length, 'Fire in the White Stone'. 11 brand new dark folk hymns of a mythological nature.

For this new offering, no effort was spared. The project's mastermind, Dan Capp (also of Winterfylleth), forged a story, crossing traditional archetypes with his own philosophical explorations, and then set about composing a concept album using new and archived musical ideas. To fully realise his folk-tale, Dan then wrote a 12,000 word short-story – his first, to accompany the music and making this an elaborate, unique release.

“As a listener, I prefer the journey of a cohesive album, and as a writer I prefer to have some kind of larger framework for my lyrics.” – Dan Capp

‘Fire in the White Stone’ is a timeless tale of mystery and destiny, in the spirit of Tolkien, Wagner and the Grail mythos (influences which Dan wears plainly on his sleeve). A hapless young man breaks away
from home and flees into the wild, forsaking companionship and comfort. He is subjected to a stream of extraordinary happenings, encountering among other things 1 mysterious old man, 2 unusual swans, 3 ghostly maidens and 4 dwarf-like beings. Against this otherworldly backdrop, Wolcensmen’s music and lyrics convey the emotions and atmospheres of a multi-layered story.

In the pursuit of evocative, immersive atmosphere, John A. Rivers - known for his work with Dead Can Dance - was hired to produce the album and did so with flare. Also featured are contributions from Jo Quail (cello), Aslak Tolonen of Nest (kantele) and Jake Rogers of Visigoth/Gallowbraid (flute), among several others. Furthermore, French master David Thiérrée was chosen to illustrate the story for the cover art.

“Wolcensmen is all about atmosphere, and when I think of the most atmospheric recordings I’ve ever heard, the first that comes to mind is ‘Within the Realm of a Dying Sun’. I remember first hearing it, and that feeling of almost being able to step inside of the mix, as spacious as it is. So John was really the holy grail of producers as far as Wolcensmen is concerned, and I’m very grateful to have worked with him on this album.” – Dan Capp

'Fire in the White Stone' refines the epic nature of Wolcensmen's previous work, bringing together classical guitar, cello, voice, synth, piano and percussion to build memorable songs filled with tension, drama and emotion. Care was taken over every aspect of the release to ensure that it would stand as a timeless testament to Wolcensmen's vision.


released September 20, 2019

All music and lyrics composed by Dan Capp, except for the following notable contributions:
Synth parts in ‘Foreboden’, ‘Lorn and Loath’ and ‘The Swans of Gar’s Edge’ by Darkest.
Synth parts in ‘Of Thralls and Throes’ by Grimrik.
Flute part in ‘Maidens of the Rimeland’ by Jake Rogers.
Cello climax in ‘Sprig to Spear’ by Jo Quail.
Kantele parts in ‘Lorn and Loath’ and ‘Fire in the White Stone’ by Aslak Tolonen.

Guitars and lead male vocals by Dan Capp.
Female vocals by Julie Russell.
Choirs by Dan Capp, with assistance from Chris Naughton and Julie Russell.
Cello by Jo Quail.
Piano performances and embellishments by Mark Deeks.
Flute by Jake Rogers.
Percussion and additional synths by Dan Capp, John A. Rivers and Eddy Hewitt.

Produced, mixed and mastered by John A. Rivers at Woodbine Street Recording Studio, with assistance from Eddy Hewitt.
Additional vocal recordings by Mark Mynett.

Cover artwork by David Thiérrée.
Photography by Daniel Walmsley.
Graphical art and layout by Dan Capp.


all rights reserved



Wolcensmen UK

Mythological Dark Folk from England


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Track Name: Foreboden
Lo, Feoh, lo.
Lo, Feoh - fleeced of flight and foal.
Ur-oxen tire.
Ur-oxen tire of tithe and toll.
Track Name: Lorn and Loath
Weary hearth-fire,
Will you smolder a while?
Warm her, heart-lorn and loath.

Homely barrow,
She'll be yours alone.
My grave lies afar.

Hoary wildwood,
Where within, a rood,
Bends its bough to lift me.

Lithely moonlight,
Name a path and I'll ride.
Fleet of foot, whitherto.

Have I faltered?
Am I shorn from my wyrd?
Hewn of hope, lorn and loath.

Upon the high wind,
I hear a wordless tongue.
Upon the high wind,
whither a calling come.
Track Name: Hunted
Waxing, weaving,
Winds of the wayward
Howl and take their toll.

Roaming, reaving,
Rooks of the Rimeland
Swoop upon my soul.

Hackled, heaving,
Hounds of the Hinderland,
They stalk amain.

Cursed, cleaving,
Calls of the cunning
Keeper of the slain.

Track Name: The Swans of Gar's Edge
Ashen, berimed and worn,
Shivering by the shore.
Borne upon sheets of ice,
I am forlorn.

Bitten by frost and fright,
Blind in a field of white.
Glowering ghosts arise,
Hither and nigh.

Great are the Swans of Gar's cold Edge.

Chidden by trothful eyes,
Wordless yet wholly wise;
Who for an oath that I’ll
Ever abide.

Great are the Swans of Gar's cold Edge.
Still are the wings that once were fledge.
Fair is the twin that maddens least.
Bound are the mouths of wiser beasts.

Wings of the wakeful,
Born of a thaw yet nigh.
Words of the wealsome,
Sworn to a soul on high.
Track Name: Sprig to Spear
There's a shadow etched in stone,
Of a likeness to my own -
Were I fearsome, born of war -
Were I feasting at the High One's Hall.

There's a rising tide in me,
Pulling forth a swollen sea.
Should I storm Death's hefty door?
As a wave that hammers on the shore?

I see the Hanging Tree
That tethers me
As I fare forth.

With a burning blade in hand,
And a breed now come to brand -
There, a blaze I will to grow -
Where a shadow feeds upon the glow.

I see.

As a spear, I am thread,
Through the woven darkness -
Gift of Gar.
As a spear, I am thread,
Through the woven darkness -
Seek and sew.
Track Name: Fire in the White Stone
I am the spark, and mine is fire
In the White Stone, I bear.
Wielding a sword to slay the liar,
Binding the Night's Blackened Mare.

Heeding a call, a wordless bidding,
Lo, as a sprig sprung to spear.
Reckoning with a foe well-hidden,
Met with a blade, sharp and sheer.

There is a light that longs for dark.

Holding aloft a beam of blessing,
Bane of all frost, hand of thaw.
Sifting for sorrow I may lessen,
Keeping the oath, as I swore.

There is a light that longs for dark,
Yearning for Winter, cold and stark.
There is a light a-gleaming 'pon the blade -
There is a Fire in the White Stone.

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